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CSP (Computer Science Program) rises from the need of a program that fulfills the characteristics of actual technology, while it develops the learning skills needed by the XXI century students. We have the firm believe that technology must be conceived as a means of learning rather than a learning outcome.

The purpose is to encourage computer science and technology skills. The program is based on Mathematics, since it’s the tool and language for the sciences, as well as the base for the organized thinking. It stimulates cognitive skills such as attention, memory, analysis and synthesis; which are key abilities for the learning process and for the problem-solving process.

The CSP includes:

Preschool material

  1. Preschool Roboteando student workbook first or second stage, per student.
  2. One K’Nex kid kit, for every 5 students.
  3. Linnet Software for teamwork, installed in one computer per lab.
  4. One security key.
  5. Four wireless mouses per lab.
  6. Computer Science workbooks. Explore work

Libros Computer Science Kit Kid Knex Linnet Software Llave de Seguridad Mouse inalámbrico

Elementary robotics material

Bee Bot

For every 5 students a robotics kit is included. A robotics kit contains:

Robot Pro-Bot

  1. K’Nex Simple Machines Deluxe kit with 3,489 pieces
  2. One Bee-Bot and mats for Lower Elementary
  3. One Pro-Bot and mats for Upper Elementary
  4. Computer Science workbooks Explore workbooks

High school and Middle school robotics material

  1. K’Nex Simple Machines Deluxe kit with 3,489 pieces
  2. One Boe-Bot with Arduino card
  3. Programming Arduino license
  4. One Pro-Bot and mats for Upper Elementary
  5. Computer Science workbooks. Explore workbooks

Robot Boe-bot Maquinas KNEX


Our Alliances

  • Tecnikids
  • Asociación de Robótica
  • Roboteando
  • Arduino
  • inventive
  • Parallax
  • Somos industry 4.0
  • QROX
  • Noticias y Hemeroteca
  • Roboteando Banner
  • Tienda en Línea
  • Smart Competition
  • Centro Educacional Tlaquepaque II
  • Colegio Chester
  • Colegio Científico Integrado
  • Colegio Cristiano Elim
  • Colegio Cruz de Lorena
  • Colegio El Shaddai
  • Colegio Francés
  • Colegio Kipling
  • Colegio la Paz
  • Colegio Hispano
  • Colegio Mexicano
  • Colegio Octavio Paz
  • Colegio Particular Cendinita
  • Colegio Victoria
  • Thomas Jefferson
  • Colegio Bilingüe Báltico
  • Centro Educativo Aparicio
  • Colegio WestMinster
  • Inst Tlaquepaque
  • Sharb
  • Colegio Saint Joseph
  • Colegio Liceo Cristiano Luz y Vida
  • Colegio Liceo Bresain
  • Colegios Elise Gde
  • Instituto Loyola de Chapala
  • Instituto Guadalupe Victoria
  • Instituto Educativo America Latina
  • Academia Teocalli
  • Colegio Mexicano Los Angeles
  • Breton School
  • Instituto Británico
  • Colegio Siglo XXI
  • Anglo
  • Escuela Rojo
  • Escuela 2
  • Escuela 3
  • Escuela 4
  • Escuela 5
  • Escuela 6
  • Instituto SanFord
  • Escuela 8
  • Escuela 9
  • Instituto Montesquieu
  • Los Tréboles
  • Instituto Enrique de OSSÓ
  • Colegio Legaria
  • EME
  • cedva1
  • cedva2
  • CarlRogers
  • UGM
  • CEIC
  • EscudoPrimaria (1) (Bicentenario)
  • MAPI
  • Colegio Madrid de Gdl
  • Colegio Inglés Americano Guatemala